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Are you looking for a high quality Pre-School for your 2, 3 and 4 year olds and a Pre-School that is well established and provides quality ‘Early Education’.


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We provide a caring and warm-hearted atmosphere that is filled with highly stimulating activities to develop all children.



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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Marsh Gibbon Pre-School welcomes all children along with their parents/carers. We include and cater for all ethnicities, cultures or religions, home languages, social and economic backgrounds, learning difficulties or disabilities, genders or abilities. We encourage parents/carers to be fully involved in their education. We believe that children should grow, learn and develop in a stimulating, friendly, caring and safe environment where each child is treated as an individual, being supported and praised for their efforts, not just their results.


Our Aims and Objectives

  • To create a warm, friendly environment where children can play, learn and discover. Recognising the individuality of each child and their personal learning needs.
  • To help each child become enquiring, self-thinking, self-motivated independent individuals, thus easing the transition to school.
  • To have clear expectations of behaviour from all our children.
  • Our staff aim to devote their time to all aspects of a child’s growth and development, intellectual, language and literacy, physical, emotional and social.
  • To provide high quality care and education for our children.
  • To meet the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines (September 2014). The majority of these are outlined in our Policies and Procedures, which are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • To provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child.
  • Our curriculum is based on the ‘Development Matters’ requirements of the Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Department for Education, 2014) which covers curriculum planning for children from naught to the end of their reception year at school.
  • To encourage development through personalise learning, learning through your child’s interests and needs.
  • To work as partners with parents in their children’s learning, celebrating and valuing parents as their child’s first educators.
  • We aim to encourage open pathways of communication between parents, staff and the committee. To ensure everyone feels involved in decision-making and are aware of changes in policies and procedures.
  • Take account of children’s and families needs with regard to race, culture, language and religion.
  • To work closely with the community and local schools to encourage smooth transitions.
  • To formulate and encourage equal opportunities for both children and adults.
  • To identify staff training needs, to ensure their continued professional development and support such training as far as possible.
  • To ensure that we meet all government requirements for funded children.