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Cardboard box and balls ideas 


An idea for an activity at home is simply using a cardboard box and cutting a hole in the base - big enough for a ball to roll through. The child would hold the box from the sides and roll the ball around the inside of the box, in order to get the ball through the hole. This activity helps to practice hand eye coordination, as well as the child's fine motor skills. 


In order to make it a bit more challenging in some places, as well as making it a bit more visual, the child could also take the time to paint and decorate the box. An example could be painting the box to resemble a football ground - as well as making various sized holes in the box, and using multiple balls. Moreover, the child could also decorate the box to resemble a train track, where the child would have to try and roll the ball according to the track they designed, therefore helping practice overall hand performance and cognitive functioning. 


Throughout the activity, parents could ask questions such as how long the child thinks it would take for them to complete the activity? Alternatively, if a box with various sized holes and multiple balls is being used, parents could additionally ask the child which ball they think will roll into which hole, therefore helping the child to strengthen their mathematic development due to shape, space and measure. 


A simple, effective idea that is bound to keep children occupied at home, using a combination of designing, mathematics and balancing! 

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