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Please take the time to hear what our current and past Parents and Children think of Marsh Gibbon Pre-School as their thoughts are what count the most!


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  • Kelly (Tuesday, February 11 20 12:37 pm GMT)

    Both my children have been through Marsh Gibbon Preschool. I couldn't rate them highly enough in terms of preparing my children for school. Plus nothing is too much effort and the children always had a lot of fun! The staff really do go above and beyond. The setting is also very spacious unlike many other venues.

  • Lucky Tiwana (Friday, July 26 19 07:54 pm BST)

    Our daughter has been attending Marsh Gibbons pre-school for the past two years. During this time all the staff have directly contributed to her early childhood development for which I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend Marsh Gibbons as an ideal environment for nuturing a toddlers cognitive, emotional and social development.

  • Kirsty Andrews (Tuesday, January 05 16 10:01 pm GMT)

    My daughter has been going to marsh gibbon pre school for two years and really loves it.
    The staff are very approachable and welcoming and know my daughter very well, they understand her needs and feelings.
    Within just two months of attending marsh her speech came on incredibly and she has learnt so much from going there. She has also made great friendships with I hope with continue when she goes to
    school this year!

  • Nicola (Thursday, July 02 15 03:40 pm BST)

    My daughter has attended Marsh Gibbon Preschool since she was 2 and a half and is starting primary school in September. She has loved her time at Marsh and when I ask her if she had a good day she
    always says 'it was great!'. The staff are always warm and welcoming and genuinely care about all the children's needs and their development. They also help to develop links between preschool and
    'big' school which really helps with the transition. My daughter struggled with this and her key worker took time out to spend time with her at her new school and they made a book together all about
    her new school and it has really helped. I can't fault this preschool and would highly recommend it.

  • Tracey (Thursday, May 14 15 06:18 pm BST)

    I'm delighted that we chose marsh gibbon for my daughters early education. She has become an amazing little person and its all thanks to the amazing staff around her, she has formed a strong
    relationship with her key person who is going to be greatly missed when we move on to 'big school'.
    I can not praise the staff enough for the outstanding efforts that they put into each and every child.
    The setting has a wonderful feel we are always made to feel welcome.
    Children have so much choice and their views are respected, by both staff and children.
    My daughter is going to miss pre school but she will always have wonderful memories of her time here.

  • Nina Cunningham (Thursday, March 12 15 08:19 pm GMT)

    My 3 year-old daughter skips into pre-school with a quick backward wave to me, and always comes out telling me she\'s had a lovely time. My 2 year-old son is settling in wonderfully, never having
    been left before, thanks to the affection and expertise of the pre-school ladies and the great range of toys and activities on offer to grab his attention! I really can\'t stress enough the
    excellence of this setting, and there isn\'t a single member of staff who isn\'t delightful with the children. We feel privileged to be able to send our children here. Thank you!

  • Joanne (Wednesday, February 25 15 09:23 pm GMT)

    Marsh Gibbon Pre-School is a fabulous place for kids to learn and develop and grow in a fun environment where they are encouraged to get involved in all activities and interact and develop social
    skills whilst also \'learning\' and where they are praised and rewarded in a positive and encouraging way. There are always fun events each term and you can totally trust that the staff will have
    your childs best interests at heart whilst they are there.
    My daughter loves Pre-School so much that she never wants to leave when it is home time! The staff are all wonderful.

  • Claire (Sunday, January 11 15 04:57 pm GMT)

    My daughter has been attending the pre-school for the last 18 months and absolutely loves it! She knows all the staff by name and loves all of the activities especially the crafty ones!

  • Anonymous (Friday, August 01 14 12:01 pm BST)

    A fantastic pre school. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at MG pre school and I feel it has given her the best start in her educational journey. The staff are all very kind and committed
    to what they do.

  • Holly Haynes (Friday, April 04 14 06:09 pm BST)

    Thank you very much to the Teachers & Committee members for today's Easter Party, it was lovely to see all the children having great fun.

  • Santana (Tuesday, October 22 13 07:55 pm BST)

    A brilliant preschool, my daughter loves going and even asks to go on Sundays!! The staff are very friendly and attentive and I would highly recommend the school to others.

  • Jan Szabranski (Monday, July 15 13 10:54 am BST)

    My two boys have loved this preschool, the range or activities they have experienced has been excellent. Most importantly to us, they have been very happy here and love all of the staff, we are all
    going to miss you as we move onto big school in September, we will keep in touch!

  • Rachel (Sunday, January 20 13 04:04 pm GMT)

    A forward thinking preschool, with a dedicated leader and staff passionate about children's happiness and development! My 3 children have all attended and have enjoyed every minute....I will be very
    sad when my youngest goes to big school in September.....

  • Claire (Tuesday, November 20 12 03:47 pm GMT)

    My daughter has been attending the pre-school for the past year and loves going. The staff are always welcoming, friendly and attentive. She always comes home happy and talks about her friends and
    the staff and the activities they have been doing during the day.

    I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this pre school and it will be a sad day when she has to move onto "big" school.

  • Sarah Brill (Friday, November 09 12 01:46 pm GMT)

    My little girl started here just two months ago. She was a child who frequently had tantrums and was difficult to keep occupied.However, she settled in fantastically and loves coming. It appears
    evident that every member of staff enjoys their job and makes every effort to ensure that each child feels welcome, safe, secure and happy. They are all lovely :-)

  • Anonymous (Saturday, October 27 12 10:27 am BST)

    This preschool is a great place for children. The leader and the staff are very passionate about children and my little girl loves going. They always have a great range of activities and

    Fantastic preschool!
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