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Arctic theme ice play

Gather different shaped pots, fill with water and freeze. Tip into a large tub with Arctic animals such as penguins, whales, orcas and polar bears. 

Have a world map on hand to show children where the land of ice is located in the world. 

Talk about the animals who live there, the weather and use language such as "iceberg, freezing, enormous icebergs, glaciers". 

Extend with discussions of certain animals such as a whale, ask questions "How big do you think a whale is? " "do they only live in the Arctic?" use these questions to ask Alexa, Google or Siri. 


Learning objectives:


To understand the world

Mathematics for talk of size

Technology if extending the activity


Rock painting Activity

How lovely would it be to have these dotted around your garden or paint them and leave them on your walks for other people to find and put a smile on their faces?

  1. Go for a lovely long family walk and find some big rocks or stones. How do they feel -Heavy? Do they have a flat, smooth surface to paint? Can you count them? Can you sort them into the order of size?
  2. Find some lovely, bright colour paints. Red is my favourite!
  3. Paint them either as animals like the Hedgehogs or Ladybirds above or paint your own animal. You could paint them in beautiful colours and let Mummy or Daddy write happy words on them
  4. What are happy words? Talk to Mummy and Daddy about what makes you happy? Maybe you can make a wish list for happy things to do when you can leave your house safely.  
  5. Varnish them in clear varnish (If available) to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin them.


Happy painting x

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